2S2 Wonju

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great 2010. Mine is going pretty well already. Today, Darren sent me an inspired email suggesting that we start a Wonju chapter of 2S2. 2S2 stands for 2nd Saturday at 2pm and is pretty much Roboseyo's baby. I took Darren's idea and we came up with a plan for THIS COMING SATURDAY because it's the second Saturday in January. I know this is soon, but hey, that's how I roll. So, if you're in Wonju, or in Gangwondo and don't have anything going on this Saturday at 2pm, I cordially invite you to our get together!

And, a map!

Do you love it? I know you do! And in case you don't love the hand-drawn-with-love map, here's a boring Google one:

View Larger Map

So, come on out and see us!

P.S. To all my lovelies who do not reside in Wonju and do not care about 2S2, I will have a normal Wonju Wife-ish post up soooon! Because I love you. And I'm awesome. But mostly, because I love you.
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