Save the Date(s)!

So, you're pumped, right? Oh, come on, even the Grinch would love this party. The miracle of the season is that I found 9 amazing bloggers (okay, my sister isn't a blogger, but she's cool enough to be one, so we're counting her, too!) to share their Santa disillusionment stories. Please be warned this Christmas Blog Party is rated NSFS (Not Safe for Santa) and is not suitable for small children or those still living the Jolly Old St. Nick dream. You've been warned! Also, there may be embarrassing pictures, too. Woot.

I'm the 10th blogger, by the way. Just in case you were all thinking "Oops. Danielle's been doing math again! She's got the party going for 10 days, but only 9 bloggers." You would be WrongO. Because I totally counted the days and the people on my fingers more than twice.  So make sure you put this Christmas Party on your calendar. EVERY DAY UNTIL CHRISTMAS DAY.

You may now leave a comment or two about how excited you are and how you're going to listen to Christmas carols, eat candy canes, and generally spread good cheer in anticipation for the ultimate Christmas Blog Party. I will thank you for your awesome comments in advance. Because I live off of them, people!
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