Crazypants October

HELLOOOOOO OCTOBER! And hello new fall design. Whatchu think?

So, two things:

1. Crazypants dream.
Number one, you are not going to believe this. But I rang in the new month with a dream about...wait for it....
Dooce. Seriously? Yes, I had a dream about THE Heather Armstrong and her Jon and her Marlo (Sadly, Leta did not make an appearance which was a bit of a disappointment, becuase really that girl is my BFF without even knowing it. and we could have pitched some serious fits about something food-related, I'm sure.) And I woke up and felt special. I felt like she had talked to me in real life. But in real life, she hasn't even talked to me on the Internet.

So, in this dream, I am riding with Jon and Heather, and Marlo on a motorcycle and it's a bit tight on that seat. And I am telling Heather that I, in fact, do not judge her for holding her newborn on the back of this motorcycle with one hand while holding onto Jon with the other, because has she been to Thailand? They ride like this all the time. No biggie. But I tell her I'm sorry, because I think she will get a lot of flak for this tomorrow. Or now, if she Twitters a picture of this. And she's all like, "Whatev. Thanks for being my friend and riding on this motorcycle with me." No problem.
Okay, that's weird. But what's worse is that we're on the way to church and we keep having all these conversations and I keep on bringing up my OWN BLOG. It's like I can hear myself being a fool and buttkisser. But I just can't stop myself. I keep starting every sentence with "Yeah, over at Wonju Wife..." Oh, the shame.
Also, her new haircut was in my dream. And we rode the motorcycle some more, and some other stuff happened.  I tried to call my mom at one point. And my friend Michelle Lowe (yes, she knows me in real life, shut up) was in church, but she had bangs which was weird. See? Crazypants. And I don't even read Dooce everyday. Isn't this strange? I am dreaming about BLOGGERS and my BLOG. Disgraceful? Perhaps. But I'm still pretty excited that Dooce was in my dream. And Marlo, because she is cute, and squishy, and soft. And Jon was an okay guy. I like him because he dances in the kitchen and I too can bust some serious moves in the kitchen.

2. Crazypants.

This is seriously overdue. I've been owing Wishcake a picture of crazypants for about oh.... 5 months? Wishcake says "crazypants" all the time, and I'm surprised she hasn't trademarked that sucker by now. But she hasn't, and so that's why I can use it excessively in this post without any financial backlash or repercussion. While we were in India, particularly Pushkar, I was a bit obsessed with the most comfortable pants on the face of this planet. And they didn't have a name, but they were all ridiculous colors and patterns and so I called them Crazypants. So, I walked around Pushkar saying, "OOooh! Look at those crazypants!" "Kenny! Should I buy these crazypants?" "Can you have too many pairs of crazypants?" "Love these crazypants; they're ridiculous!" etc. So, the entire time I was in Pushkar, I was thinking about Wishcake and her scrumptious blog and how she always said crazypants. And "she's a peach." But mostly she says crazypants. So, here you go Wishcake! These are crazypants.

Welcome to October everybody. (I don't particularly care for any one month over the other. But hey, why not find something to be happy about?) Also, if you're in Korea, enjoy your Chuseok holiday!!
추석 잘 보내세요!!
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