The Big Chop

So, it was time to do something with the dreadlocks. They had become one massive clump on the back of my head. Kenny sat down on Saturday night and cut them all apart so they could hang straight from my head again. But the results were disastrous because I hadn't been washing them properly. So, when he cut the matted hair apart he found a disgusting amount of shampoo caked in my hair accompanied by an also disgusting stench! This would never do. And so, I knew my time with the dreads was coming to an end. I was upset and on the verge of a s bout of depression because I was sure my hair was going to be super-duper-Natalie-Portman-in-VforVendetta-short. It hadn't grown as much as I had hoped it would since I had them done in February. I loved my dreads. They were super simple. But, if you don't respect the dreads and take care of them in the first few months you have them, they don't respect you back and you end up with a mess.
Sunday rolled around and Kenny called The Hair Guy. He had been recommended to us by Philip and Sandra. He is Korean, but spent a lot of time in London so we figured he would know what to do with the dreads. There are a ton of places in the Hongdae area in Seoul that specialize in dreads, but I couldn't be bothered to go to Seoul, and there wasn't enough time for that. So, we headed to the Hair Guy. And Guy worked some serious magic.

1. Guy razored my dreads a little more than halfway off. It wasn't physically painful, but it hurt nonetheless.
2. He and his amazing wife/assistant spent close to 3 hours picking out my dreads with combs, water, and a little magic sauce, which I assumed to be akin to detangler.
3. He combed it all out straight. It was NASTY. Can't you tell? Then we washed it again and again and he started chopping.
And..... VOILA:

Can you believe how much hair he saved? This is what it looks like after I do it myself, which is the style that counts because it's the one I can successfully make in the mornings.  (And yes, my shirt says Dunder Mifflin on it. I found it here in Korea last year on serious sale at one of those little clothes shops in the subway.)

(Yep. My HubbO brought me breakfast in bed this morning!)
I thought I would be stressed and unhappy with the haircut, but it pleases me.
It's so much longer than I thought it would be. Although, I did say, "Oh Guy,
I can't have bangs. My skin is too greasy and bangs just end up plastered
unattractively across my forehead." And he said, "Okay."
And then snipped a right short chunk in the front.

What do you think?

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