Monday Magic

It worked! The schedule is magic. 
I got out of bed at 7:07 am. I cooked breakfast. I prayed. I went outside to jump some rope, but it was raining. So I had an impromptu dance recital in our living room to burn some of The Belly (which is back with a vengeance might I add). Then I Skyped with my mother, and answered some email. And now I'm blogging. And it's only 10 am! I'm so happy. We'll see if the magic continues for another day. And I encourage you to make your own schedules (but don't make them better than mine because then I'll feel stupid) and post them! Make sure you leave me a link in the comments if you do your own so I can share in your happy dance when you finally achieve your own daily goals!! 

For now, I'd like to leave you with a quotation I've been chewing on for a while. It's from the ever-wise words of Tamie, over at the owls & the angels. Seriously, if you're not reading her blog, you should be. 

THE EFFORT ISN'T IN VAIN. The effects of the effort may always be a mystery to us. We may not succeed in life in the ways we think we should succeed. We may make the same mistakes, getting hung up in the same places, our entire lives. But, somehow, still, in a way that is held always and only in the heart of God, the effort is not in vain. We have to try with all our hearts, all the while knowing that it is never the trying that will get us there. We have to stop trying and fall on God's mercy alone. 
Now, go! Live your awesome lives. And then tell me all about it. ;)  <<- First smiley face EVER on this blog. Mark this day in your calendar. History was made. (I blame Korea)
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