Today's Mantra

My new mantra:

Today is the day that matters. This choice is the one that counts.

Like it? I came up with it in the shower this morning. I think it's going to be a good tool to help me be mindful of the decisions I make- about everything! About eating, about running, about spending money. You know, about life. Because I find myself so many times making the excuse that I'll make a good decision next time, that I'll start saving tomorrow, or that the exercise I did yesterday makes up for the bad decision I'm about to make right now. But this mantra puts my mind in the present. Pulls me into the present moment and the significance of the small things. So far, it's worked today! I've made some pretty good decisions. I think it's a way that will keep me from making so many excuses. Which gets pretty ridiculous. And that way I can stop hating on myself all the time and feel like I'm in control. So, that's that.

Getting ready to have dinner for the last time with my husband here in the States. He's leaving tomorrow to go spend some well-earned time in New York with some of his friends. I'm going to miss him. Haven't been apart for a week since, well, over a year! And the past 6 months we've pretty much been in the same room with each other... the entire 6 months. So, yeah.

Anyway. Today is the day that matters! This choice is the one that counts! Onward, lovelies!

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