I'm Not Pregnant

But my sister is! Yay for Holly and Matt popping out a wee one come next March. She told us last night, giving my mom and dad little onesies that said "I love grandma" and "I love grandpa." Matt's kids already call my dad GrandBob, which is hilarious and awesome. They call my mom Deb, so she wants a new grandmother name. I am so excited for my sister and incredibly sad that I'm not going to be here to share this amazing journey with her. I hope to come back next year some time for the birth. (And to tell the truth, even though I know Kenny and I are in no way prepared or ready for a baby, I'm still an ounce jealous. I've been having these weird tiny person cravings since we've been in the States. Maybe it's in the food?)

Been a bit busy lately. This morning we attended a college American Lit class one of my friends teaches and had great fun discussing Toomer's Cane and Faulkner and T.S. Eliot. I'm such a total and complete nerd. Went back to Savage Gulf and hiked a bit more last Saturday. Yesterday we visited a friend's dairy farm and had a blast hanging out with kittens and cows. Pictures of our USA stay soon to come! Sorry for the prolonged silence. Or maybe you've been enjoying this nice respite from my ranting and raving.
Either way, I've missed you guys.


  1. Danielle, I have enjoyed reading your blog. You are hilarious! Enjoy the rest of your stay and tell your sister congrats for me!
    Jackie Randolph

  2. Missed your posts. I am also feeling baby envy, but if you check out lemongloria.blogspot.com, you'll read through her candid pregnancy experiences and your baby envy might shut off completely.


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