Can We Say Slacker?

Do not believe this picture. I was not this happy all the time. Rare moment on our trek. With our guide CB somewhere in the Annapurnas.

Dear Friends,

I am sorry that I haven't been writing about all my great honeymoon adventures here regularly. But when you're in a country with limited electricity (only 8 hours a day and in 4 hour increments, sometimes while you're asleep) and where you have to pay to use the internet by the hour, it makes doing more than emailing the mumsie and checking the Book of the Face a bit tedious.

But I am thinking about you often, and during my 12 day Annapurna trek (in which I reached Annapurna Base Camp, world rejoice!!), I longed for the days I was stuck in my lovely Seoul apartment with no mountains to climb and only being concerned with what to blog about! I promise that once I reach the homestead in the States that I will dutifully update you as to my many misadventures WITH PICTURES because my husband is freaking awesome with the camera!

For now, a small list to tide you over:

1. Got my hair locked in Bangkok. Incredibly smart idea because it made the showerless mountain trekking much more bearable.

2. On the first day of our trek, I lost all our money and my passport.

3. Our guide, Cholandra, is the best guy EVER and I feel like I have a Nepali brother.

4. After a few days of being jerked around by the bus driver and an entire 8 hours at the Tourist Police office, we got all my money back. And someone had turned in my passport to the Embassy.

5. In Pokhara, there were cockroaches in our hotel room. Big ones. Plural. IN OUR BED.

6. I am currently stuck in Kathmandu waiting on my Indian visa.

7. Today at Pashupati (sp?) we watched a cremation.

8. Yesterday, I was almost attacked by an old cranky monkey. And I saw a puppy! Tiny!

9. I am kept awake nightly by the live music in Thamel. Earplugs do not help.

10. My husband is amazing.

More later, lovelies!

There were lots of puppies and kitties on the way to Base Camp. It made my life a little brighter. Also, you can see my new hairdo here!


  1. thanks for the update. keep'em coming!

  2. A question for later - how do you un-lock hair? - LMoosberg

  3. WOW! How amazing! You are one lucky girl right now!!!

    I've been hoping and praying that the new Mr. and Mrs. were having a great time, and it looks like you guys are.

    Can't wait for more picture updates. I'm sure the wait will be worth it.

    BTW...love the hair! Did it take them long to do it?

  4. I seriously envy you! Can't wait to see the photos!

    Super smart of you to do the locks. I didn't even think about all of the hair-related problems you might have on such a trip!

    Oh, and you are lucky to have a resourceful guy along with you. If I had lost all my money and my passport in such conditions, I might have been found a week later, curled up into a ball in a dark corner somewhere! :)

  5. Rob! Miss you, bud.

    MsMoose- so good to hear from you. I was told that if you just use lots of baby oil, they'll eventually come out. I'm considering chopping it all off instead. Perhaps I don't have enough patience!!

    Sonia- thank you for your hopes and prayers. We have been having a lovely time and going through the thousands of pictures we're taking daily is a task, but one I'm working on so you can see a few more soon!
    It took 2 people 2 hours to do my hair.

    Jo-you are so right. I cried uncontrollably for a good 45 minutes when I discovered what I had done and Kenny was the picture of calm and patience with me. He made everything seem okay, even though it was pretty terrible.

    BTW, I LOVE MY READERS! Been missing you guys.

  6. Sounds delightful :) I'm excited to read more of your adventures.

  7. Awesome! I've always wondered how you MAKE dreadlocks? You must tell...

    Have an awesome time and collect some great memories :)

  8. Cute little critter. And quite friendly. Love your locs.


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