Weekend Wedding Update

Hello all. This is a little video for you, just detailing a bit of my preparations for the upcoming wedding ceremony. I didn't edit it at all, number one because I'm freaking tired and number two because I pretty much crack myself up at the end. I have created enough videos with iMovie that I should remember how to do it, but every time is like the first time. Eh, what can you do? I wish you all a beautiful weekend, wherever in the world you are. 

Wedding Hair Rage from danielle buckley on Vimeo.


  1. You crack me up. My cousin did my hair for my wedding, and it took us two nights of practice, two days of hair prep (including tons of mousse, hairspray, and not washing, which nearly killed me), and two hours on the wedding day to fix it. But it worked. Not at all what I had pictured in my head, but it worked. Have faith. I know it will be beautiful and I can't wait to see pictures! Love you!

  2. Well, now, aren't you glad you did a trial run, then?

  3. amazing rant.

    this is the crazy bride haircut clip I mentioned to you...hope it makes you laugh, and doesn't give you any ideas.


  4. Come on Danielle, this is a little vapid and bratty, don't you think? You're better than this.

  5. They did your hair that way because that's the way everyone (read: the overwhelming vast majority) of women here get their hair done. But you know that. But what you don't know is that your hair dresser will be about as incapable of *following your exact instructions* as my Irish grandparents would of not tapping their feet to a Kayagum if someone played a jig on it - even if someone from Korea begged them not to and showed photos of decorous Koreans sitting calmly with folded ankles. Your average Korean hairdresser will have been bred from birth do to a high upsweep and will probably think he/she knows what is best. Afterall, if you knew what was good wedding hair then you would have been a hairdresser yourself, right?

    *blink blink*

    Sorry about that. I got married in a denim skirt and a hat - for some of the very reasons you ranted about so I'm still a bit sensitive. Anyway - there ARE actually some hair salons that will do your hair the way you want so if you are interested I can pass on details to you. Sorry for the long comment. ^^;

  6. LOL...you got the classic "Korean" wing thing going on. In every single one of my my mom's pictures she has wings on each side of her face. Why do they do that?

  7. Melissa: surprisingly enough, I would also be very interested to know where to find the hairdressers who know how to follow instructions...I'm trying to put together a "useful information" collection at The Hub Of Sparkle, and such information would be really valuable for female expats.

    you can put it here, or contact me through any of the channels listed on the "about me" sidebar of my blog.

  8. Hey girl,

    This made me smile, but more it made me miss you sooo much. I wish I could be there for your big day. Know that we will be thinking of you.

    You will be beautiful on your day! It will work out, but mostly I have faith because your greatest beauty comes from within you and is powered by God, you and your love for Kenny. YOU WILL SPARKLE!

  9. 3:03 and 5:17, LOL, for real. Made my husband come watch it.


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