On the Other Hand

...there are these lovely children who have not yet become enamored with their own bodily functions. 


  1. I know some people don't exactly enjoy the "teaching" side of our blogs but I love it.

    The kids give us good feelings and sometimes that is what we need.

    Their innocent never ending smiles make us melt. And shed the nasty energies that Ahjummas and Ahjusshis give off.

    Here! Here! to the youth of Korea~!

  2. Nice to see the happiness in teaching! Wonder if I'll go back?

    BTW...are cameras cheaper in Korea?

  3. Your students are adorable and make me miss my kinders. Btw- is it okay if I put a link on my blog for your blog? Not the littlebrownblog, but a new post Korea one I'm working on that isn't unveiled yet. ^^


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