Some Stuff Happened

I've been meaning to do this, to let you know how my holidays went, or un-went, just like I've been meaning to clean those dishes in the sink and mail the Christmas cards still sitting next to me. Hey, you took priority over the Christmas cards, so um, be thankful, rejoice, celebrate, be merry, etc. 

Christmas was "eh." And that's all I have to say about that. 
Also, I got married. 

We didn't have our ceremony, of course, which is still on February 21st. And which, if you read this blog or wear pants, you are invited to attend. But we did do all the paperwork, which in Korea, is all it takes to be legally wed. So, yes, I'm totally a wife! Not to be all Cheesy McCheesington, but my husband is awesome. I'm so happy it's gross. (And stop judging me just because I didn't shower the morning I went to tramp about from the US Embassy to the Korean Ward Office and back to the Embassy again. It was early. And things are just as important with unwashed hair and a headband. Promise, mom.) 

And New Year's, I hiked in Jirisan with the HubbO. 

It was so incredibly cold. We cut our trip short a day. Mostly because I was cold. And HubbO totally overestimated my speed and basic overall fitness. So, he was understanding and beautiful about changing our route to something I could handle. 

Do we look married, or what?
You can see Day One here and Day Two here. And why aren't you my friend on Book of the Face? (Shout out to Tariq, and Sexy David from Downstairs, and of course, most importantly, thank you Scrubs, Beardface.) 

I also had my first Korean public bath experience the day after we returned. So I started the new year with a combination of -16 Celsius, icy mountains and the heat of a lovely hot tub filled with naked, staring ajummas.  And me, the white girl. It was surprisingly relaxing and perhaps I'll give you a more detailed post on the experience, but only if you say pretty please in the comments, or care. (I hear you Rob, Oh my gosh, she's going to do the rote jim jil bang post... bor-ing.

Anyhow, I'm still around. And I'm a wife. Yay! (Yep, I give you permission to retch into your handy-dandy barf bag, kept for just such occasions when I go off into seemingly unwarranted marital blissfests. Well, they're warranted. Oh, man are they warranted...).


  1. Wooooaaaah! Congratulations, MRS.!!!! What a wonderful holiday vacation! Things are slowly falling into place in my new home--thanks for the advice and the "been there" wisdom. I sent an email to your true32 address. Hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Congrats! And hey, the ajummas will stare less if you make a habit of going there.

    Jirisan in winter, btw: you're braver than I am. Or crazier.

  3. Two things:
    1) HubbO is uncomfortably close to Hubby
    2) I'm very disappointed I didn't get a shout out along with the other Exeterians
    3) Congratulations to you, I am exceedingly happy for you both :)

  4. Congratulations woman!

  5. yay! And I've heard Jirisan is one of the toughest in Korea... I'm sort of in training for it.

    If "training" counts as whimsically thinking about it.

  6. Congratulations! HubbO is actually dangerously close to ChubbO, it's almost like you planned that. Did you plan that?

  7. Congratulations! You and the hubbo look very happy there, freezing on the side of a mountain. May it be the beginning of many years freezing together. And just so you know, I am signing on to the book of face right now to friend you. (So you have to accept!)

  8. What if we blog AND wear pants? Can we still come? If we can, are we required to leave either the pants or blog at home?
    And almost contrats on your almost marriage.

  9. Marriage is great fun! And interesting. And then more fun! At least mine is. I hope yours is, too. Congratulations to your hubbO.

  10. Hurrah! You're a wifey! I love it! Congrats to you both - and feel free to continue gushing about your adorable husband and happy life, because I think we need to hear more about stuff like that in this day and age. Makes everyone happy. :)

    And, um, public baths? What the frick? There's no way you could get me into one of those things. I would seriously be all kind of awkward, and would probably just use alot of deodorant and perfume to avoid such a fate.

  11. Congratulations on your nuptials! Also, I'm a backpacker, but there's NO WAY I'd be able to cover a lot of territory in the snow. Just can't do it!

    Also, you have to blog about the naked ajumma bath thingy. It's totally obligatory.

  12. 1. I like hubb-o
    2. I read your blog... does that mean I don't have to wear pants to your wedding?
    3. By all means, WRITE the jimjilbang post... those are some of the funniest ones on the whole of k-blogs, and I look forward to reading yours, as you're a funny writer. If it's funny enough, it might inspire me to post a couple of my stories.
    4. did I mention, congratulations, like, a zillion time? (I'm back in Korea now)
    5. I like the name HubbO, but still refuse to call you ChubbO. Sorry, bud.
    6. did I mention, congratulations?

  13. Assuming the guy in the picture is your husband, you two make an adorable couple.


  14. Enjoy your bliss. Never apologize for it. Life is agony and ecstasy, and the ecstasy gives us strength to be improved and deepened, not embittered, by the agony. I'm Anna Winchester's mom, in case you wonder how in the world I found you. She posted on her wall that yours is a favorite blog. :^D


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