Look at Me, Look at Me!

For those of you who just can't help themselves:

Here are some pictures from the latest engagement photo shoot! We had a lot of fun. The madness is almost over. 

For those of you who can't be bothered:

For those of you who are angry that all you've seen in this post is wedding crap, here is something completely unrelated and random and hilarious. Gotta love Flight of the Conchords, eh Tariq?

And now it's my bedtime. I did get a good night's rest last night. Apparently the God of the Sleepless had mercy on me. However, it was a bit of trouble actually falling asleep because I was so nervous about sleeping. I was like, "Go to sleep, Go to sleep, Go to sleep go to sleep gotosleepgotosleepgotosleep!" And therefore sleep stood off in the corner mocking my pitiful attempts to lure him into bed with me. But after a while, he could resist me no longer and I had weird dreams until my alarm went off, which I snoozed for an entire half hour! So thank you to all of you who petitioned the Great Master of All Things Soporific on my behalf. 

By the way, I love you. And I'm not just saying that, either. I find myself thinking about you during the day. And at first I feel all socially retarded and disconnected from real people. Then I smack myself in the face and say, "Your readers and fellow bloggers are real people and you are SO lucky to know so many quality non-porno, non-stalker, non-freakish ones!" Now go waste some time on YouTube watching all the Flight of the Conchord videos available to you. 


  1. Ah, but blogosphere friends are the best kind! Always with a good word for you, but never asking you to help them move, or borrowing your rake and then never returning it.

    Nice dog by the way...I'm sure he's somehow connected to you and not just a photo prop? (Much like the map, which I'm not even going to ask what is going on behind, even though it looks like you have no clothes. Just suffice it to say that eyebrows are raised over here on the other side of the world). :-)

  2. Is the puppy having a wee on the map? :0

    he he

  3. Dear lord do I ever love Flight of the Conchords. It always makes me laugh my ass off.

  4. That pic of you two with the pooch is quite stunning.

    And it's too bad we can see a peek of jeans under the map in the nude photo... it was more fun thinking you were totally naked ;-)

  5. I love Flight of the Conchords and also I don't mind your wedding memoirs.

  6. Adorable pictures! And I love Flight of the Conchords so much!! Bwahaha!!

  7. I love your pics with Kenny. Especially his smile!!!!!

    I am interested to see photos of your dress. Are you planning on posting those........PLEASE!!!!

  8. Those photos are so adorable! What a cute idea!


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