How to Slack Off

Feast your eyes upon Polar Bear Girl actively engaged in Seoul Metro transit. (Or, a really easy way to get out of writing a post, but still looking great because I've posted everyday this week so far. Plus, it's my 101st post for the BlogO, and I figured instead of throwing the list of 101 Things You Probably Could Have Guessed But Don't Care Anything About up here like most of the cool kids do, I'll just post 101 pictures of myself. Or however many I feel like before I get bored with it all.)

Exhibit A: Serious Bear. Bringing serious joy to fellow commuters. 

Exhibit B: Secret Bear. Ready to spill the beans if offered appropriate number of donuts. 

Exhibit C: We're not real sure. 

Exhibit D: Wait... what the crap?

Exhibit E: Surprised Bear. 

Exhibit F: Tell It To You Straight Bear. Not related to Korean Bears in any way. 

Gratuitous Exhibit: Donut=Pure ChubbO Ecstasy. 
Yep! There are coffee beans on my chocolate donut. Doesn't get any better than that. 


  1. surprised bear definitely my favorite of all the bears, but omg you are so cute!

  2. Wow, that's probably the best donut idea ever.
    Also, I love that the polar bear hat has actual paw prints on the insides of the glove extension part. Love.

  3. Brian, that donut can be found at Krispy Kreme, which serves the best donuts as far as I'm concerned. And the fact that they hand out the hot ones for free while you stand in line makes it even better!

  4. love those bears. really need one of those hats, maybe.

  5. We have a local donut shop that has cake donuts with maple topping and BACON on it!!! Fabulous. Wish I could send you one...


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