Chubbo NoMo?

This is the one in which I call for your comments. Those of you who stop by all the time without leaving your name or number, now is the time to put yourself out there. 

ChubbO ManifestO

So, being a ChubbO is not necessarily a physical state of being, although it can manifest itself around your hips, back, and stomach (and your armpits, armpit chub is the worst!). Being a ChubbO is more of a mindset. Even though I have lost a good number of pounds, anytime someone says the word donut, I pretty much jump and up and down and clap my hands like you just told me I won something. Even though I can fit in a decent size pair of jeans now, I can still be instantly cheered up just by the prospect of a delicious meal. And although I am (a smidge) happier with the way I look when I stand completely naked in front of my mirror, I can't deny that my appetite hasn't changed one bit. Perhaps the way I feed it has changed. I have learned to say no to The Belly when it growls at me; I have learned to reward The Belly because it deserves a good meal three times a day and not because I did something awesome; I have learned to tune The Belly out when it cries for the entire piece of tiramisu; and I have learned to tune in to The Belly when it needs something good and veggie-like. But despite this, my passion for food has not lost any weight. Being a ChubbO doesn't require a certain kind of food to be devoured. It is the joy and attitude in which you devour it that constitutes your eligiblity for ChubbOness. And so, I still consider myself a ChubbO, because it's from the inside out that we live our lives. 
End ManifestO.

Alas, I've been getting some grief about the old blog handle (which is the cousin of my love handles). Now, I feel a bit uneasy changing up the title of my blog so frequently because it seemed only yesterday I was punching the keyboard and snarling as I wrote with The Rage. So, Rage in the AM had to go because although it's a nice feature and keeps popping up now and again, I didn't feel it was sufficient. And now perhaps I have outgrown ChubbO as well. (I may have shrunk, but my online persona has been inflated with every beautiful and tasty donut of a comment you leave here). So, instead of being all clever and stunning you with a fabulous new look and new title for the blog, I'm asking for your opinion (which I will probably ignore all together and do whatever I want because that's just how I roll. It's a Buckley woman thing and is why my father never offers opinions anymore, even when we ask for them). But anyway, I want to know what you think. Should I give ChubbO the axe? Should ChubbO fade into the woodwork and simply be a recurring theme that emerges every time I dream about a donut or eat my weight in kimchi bokkumbap? Or should it stay as it is because as the ManifestO clearly explains, you don't have to be chubby to be a ChubbO at heart. 

And if it goes, along with those two inches and an entire cup size in my bra, what do I do now? Where do I go from here? 


  1. I am a ChubbO. I eat with gusto and practically orgasmic delight--especially if it is entirely unhealthy and my arteries clog at the thought of it. Just because you lose weight, or inches, or a cup size, it does not mean that you are no longer a ChubbO or that your blog name cannot imply that you are chubby when you're not. I say stick with it. (I still miss the rage. It made me feel better about my moments of rage-ness.)

  2. Julie Manes-WrightDecember 6, 2008 at 7:24 AM

    I too am a ChubbO at heart, although I work out and try to eat healthy...it is a constant battle and I enjoy every moment of "bad" food. Especially iced coffee!! I say keep it!

    There! I left a comment...I say this as a previous "lurker" of your wonderful blog!

  3. To quote from your blog:
    But despite this, my passion for food has not lost any weight. Being a ChubbO doesn't require a certain kind of food to be devoured. It is the joy and attitude in which you devour it that constitutes your eligiblity for ChubbOness.

    I like that phrase: "my passion for food has not lost any weight." The focus of your appetite does seem, however, to have changed. We either seem to mostly live to eat or to mostly eat to live. That's a huge difference. In my experience, being a "ChubbO" requires the "I-live-to-eat" focus. Then, as you say, even if a person learns to control the actual physical eating but secretly hankers to constantly eat for various reasons (happy, sad, frustrated), nothing has really changed except the actual pounds on that person. Being a grateful, passionate, and more balanced eater of food seems to require the "I-eat-to-live" focus. I don't mean to suggest there is a clear divide between the two, but usually we have thrown our weight (excuse the pun) more into one camp than into the other. I'd love to see your blog more clearly define the term "ChubbO" sometime.

    And if YOU'RE changing, why NOT change your blog's title? I mean--then its title reflects the organic state of your own awesome being. Change is a part of being alive. Only dead things don't move.

    Here are some new words to possibly throw into whatever new moniker you create for your blog:

    Serendacious. It's a new portmanteau I just created for you. It's a cross between "serendipitous" and "audacious" or "voracious" (in a good way).

    Serendelicious. Serendipity + delicious.


  4. Danielle,

    What's in a name? As long as you keep on posting, I'm a happy girl!

    I am moving to Seoul to begin teaching next month, and I've found your blog entertaining and informative. Thanks!

  5. I definitely don't think it matters if you change your blog "handle" again. (For the record, when you mentioned it's relation to love handles, I totally giggled to myself. Such wittiness does not go ignored by me, I tell you!) :)

    I think that this just shows your own, personal evolution. Your focus changes, your goals change, your attitude changes - and I think that as long as you're rolling with it (and still writing - because you must know how much we all adore your writing!) then it shouldn't matter what you refer to yourself as.

    Congrats again on the weight loss! You've always been a beauty, but I know the feeling of knowing that you've reached a personal goal, and the delight that comes from that. Well done, you!

    Let us know what you come up with. I'm sure you will. :)

  6. Hi~

    Yea totally! I had a great time with ya too. Bk is feeling better about his lessons. He gave me a test but I got a "C" on it. (he is kinda serious). Anyways, we should definitely get together. We will see about when and where. ;)

    Hope the photos came out to better standards this time.

  7. I'll read it either way. A blog title and identity is a highly personal thing.

  8. Well if you're changing your blog name to fit your newest goals, maybe you could riff on the intestinal fortitude issue that seems to be next on your checklist.

  9. What's in a name? A blog by any other name will still be as funny. Call it whatever you feel defines you.


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