You Can Thank Me Later

for the awesome linkage I'm about to bestow upon you. 
Today was the first Sunday of Advent and I got to participate in it by being part of the group that lit the first candle. I wanted to write something about Advent tonight, but after reading something a friend had written, everything I wrote seemed to be echoing his piece. So, instead, I offer you the original. This is a link to one of my buddy's posts on Advent a few years ago that he was so kind to share with me. You can find it here: Part I, and Part II. I believe that everything he says is spot on and that we waste so much time in our lives by refusing to live expectantly, refusing to feel everything thoroughly. We refuse to do the waiting as the waiting should be done. And I think we're missing things. At least, I think I'm missing things. I just want things to be here and to be now. But this Advent season, as I stood in front of the congregation this morning and sang The First Noel, I allowed myself to be overwhelmed with anticipation... things are coming toward us, sometimes in slow motion. And so many times the slow motion is an opportunity. I plan on taking those opportunities. 

Also, Thanksgiving has come and gone and everyone has posted their mandatory list of things they're thankful for. Well, my favorite blogger of all time (who often makes me late to meetings, to work, to appointments, to church, to wherever I'm supposed to be but can't get there on time because I'm reading her blog and can't seem to pull myself away) posted something that seemed so true and I thought that I would share it with you

On a completely unrelated note, Roboseyo (who seems to be taking over my blog at the moment- was this your plan, Rob? To charm me into plugging your blog ceaselessly?) has done some incredible editing to the stupid video Kenny and I made about ordering food in Korean. He has made it watch-able, entertaining, and actually helpful and informative. So, watch it again because it only gets better! We tried to record me actually ordering the food, but the first place was closing and wouldn't take my order and the second place was no longer serving what I ordered, so both calls were aborted. The next time I order something, I'll try to remember to turn the camera on first. It's much easier to remember all the Korean when you're sitting in your apartment with your boyfriend. It's much harder and incredibly nerve-wracking to actually speak to someone on the other end of the line!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the linked love I'm sending you this holiday season. 
Let's wait in eager anticipation together!


  1. You are so amazing! I've only been here two months but I have yet to successfully order food on the phone. This breakdown is wonderful. Thank you for the video and all the great links!

  2. Am I ever glad to have found your site. It's always great to meet ppl who are in the same situation as me. Might I also add your video was hilarious. I love the look on your face when your fiancee says "yes, this is kimbabjunguk" .....ㅋㅋㅋ


  3. OMG, both y'all are too too cute for words. Korean is my first language, but I have lost my abiity to speak it or carry out civilized discourse. Your breakdown will help me next time I am at the Korean market.


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