My New Crush: They're Very Sparkly

Last night was probably one of my best nights in Seoul. For the past nine months, I've been lugging this sense of isolation and loneliness and un-bliss around inside The Belly. And last night, I feel like the ol' uterus of my soul gave it up and I birthed friends. A community, really. A community of like-minded and beautiful people who drink good beer and have deep, authentic conversation and at the same time have ridiculous non-conversations and laugh really hard at each other because we are happy and not alone. Well, at least, I was happy and not alone. 

I know I'm being Cheesy McCheesington, but it can't be helped. For the first time since I have been in this country I have found a table I can sit at and be entirely comfortable and open and vulnerable and safe all at the same time. I was my fullest self (okay, maybe a little more than myself after 5 hours of talking and listening and imbibing delicious beverages) and I felt as if I was spreading out, leaking right out to the borders of who I am, filling in all the cracks and spaces of who I am supposed to be. Because real people make you feel things like that. And I met so many real people. Real, kind, generous, caring, thinking, loving people. And it was the first time I'd met any of them and I felt home. 

And yes, I could qualify all that and cover my insecurities by saying something like Oh, maybe I'm so lame and they didn't really like me, but whatev. Forget that. I like them and I know them! This clip is exactly how I feel. I feel giddy and happy and warm. Just replace "Santa" with "Sparklers!" 

And of course, I'm totally also freaking out about Christmas. So this is uber-appropriate. It's coming, people! Christmas is coming! And I might just have some friends to celebrate with!


  1. You do have real friends here, and it's not cheesy to be excited about that because friends and family and sharing life with them is what makes it worth living.

    While I do not possess your power with words, I will say that I haven't had one of those magical forget-what-time-it-is nights with such a great group of friends in a long, long time.

    I hope this is the start of a new home for all of us.

  2. Thanks for the write-up, and thanks for coming out. It was really great meeting you.


  3. fantastic news Danielle. I'm always joyful when my friends find new meaning in life. You always find a unique way of bringing your living experience to your blog.

    I'll be in Seoul in about a week and a half. We must meet up soon!


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