Because I'm a total nerd and because I'm a little bit overexcited about.... well, most things, the boyfriend and I have made a video! I was inspired by this awesome video that Roboseyo so kindly posted on his blog along with more extremely helpful hints. I don't know how many expats read this blog, so this might simply be entertaining my friends and family back home. And in that case, I'm totally quizzing you guys next week. That's right, mom, so listen carefully and watch twice! 

No, really, it's just for fun and because I thought that perhaps it would be cool to hear both sides of the conversation when you're ordering food in Korea. I'm not sure why I haven't raved about the take out service here before, but it's fantastic. You can get food delivered to anywhere. Let's say you're down by the river side sitting on a bench and you feel those familiar, wonderful fuzzies down in your tummy. Some people call them hunger pains, but whatev. I love to eat, but I love to eat even more when I'm hungry. So, you're starved all of a sudden and you're on this random bench and you are convinced that you will die if you do not have jjah-jang-myun (짜장면) immediately. You make a call, you give your approximate location, and a few minutes later, a guy on a motorbike calls you and says, "The third bench underneath the tree on the right after the toilets, or the bench under the third tree?" Seriously, delivery is no problem. And it's free. And, as Otto notes in his video, there are no dishes to be done. There's actually nothing to be done but the eating.

However, before you can enjoy this delicious meal on the third bench, you must order your food. And that might be a bit difficult. So to make it easier (or extremely difficult but rather funny), enjoy our first language lesson experiment! 

[EDIT: Actually, upon review, we have come to the conclusion that our video totally sucks. A remake is in the works that is much simpler and slower and less chatty. So, this is pretty much just for kicks. It was done in a hurry and we didn't practice. And we didn't ever sum up and like have the entire conversation again just in Korean without the explanation. In other words, we know it sucked, you don't have to tell us. But you could tell us how much you love us, instead.]


  1. as a hint: if you include the text of what you and he are saying, either in the post, or in the video at the bottom of the screen, that will help.

    I don't know if you need to totally remake it... a bit of editing would tighten it all up. And if you take out ALL the chatty, you run the risk of taking all the cute out, too.

    for what it's worth.

  2. oh yeah, one more thing: I actually do recommend muffling, or somehow else masking your address- who knows how many people will see this? Replace it with a joke if you cna.

    though it would be helpful explaining that "HO" is the word for apartment -- as in "704ho"

  3. I'm actually kinda glad that we've been too intimidated to try this, really don't need ready access to tasty Korea takeout. It's bad enough that there is a tasty bulgogi joint right across the street, at least we have to get dressed for that.

  4. EDIT: also pretty sure marrying a Korean is totally cheating.

  5. Yeah, Rob, about the subtitles- I tried it, but got too frustrated because I'm a retard when it comes to editing. And there was like about to be some pre-marital discord, so we dropped it and posted it as is.
    But I'll definitely work on an update and try to get it all in there. Also, we thought about the whole address thing and Kenny thought we'd be fine, but you're probably right.

    The problem with delivery, Garrett, is that you never want that kind of food at dinnertime or for a meal. You want it at like 11:23 pm after you've just spent a good hour and a half at the gym. THAT's why I allow my insecurities to keep me from actually placing the call!

  6. so, don't forget to send that stuff over to me.

    PS: 3rd condition:
    under no circumstances will I ever call you chubbo chubbington. Sorry. It ain't true no mo', and even if it were, it's not the kind of nickname I give to my friends. I may give you all kinds of other nicknames which tease you about all kinds of other different things, but never that one. there. I said it. there will be no more discussion on this point.

  7. db,

    I'm a newcomer to your blog site, and I tremendously enjoy your blogs, especially your ajumma rants. I live in the States, and I seriously get annoyed by the few ajummas that I run into whenever I go grocery shopping at a Korean market, so I can only imagine what it'd be like to deal with armies upon armies of them on a daily basis if I lived in Korea. The fact that I'm Korean doesn't make it any more tolerable to being slammed in my heels by an ajumma's shopping cart, only to have them give you a blank stare as if to say, "What do you want me to do about it?" Ajummas sure are a very special breed, indeed. On the other hand, ajussis deserve a whole separate dissertation on their own. :)

    Anyway, keep your wonderfully insightful blogs coming. You have diehard fan in Dallas, TX.


  8. I just happened upon your blog (from roboseyo actually) and I wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading through it a bit. You seem really nice and so does your fiance. ^^ I liked your video, even if I am still too chicken to try to call for take out (except for pizza- we figured that one out on our own).

  9. db,

    Just so you know, the first thing I thought when I watched your video was, "wow! Her face looks so thin!"

    So, the workout is clearly working. Just thought you'd like to know. :)

  10. Cute video! You and your guy are adorable together.

    Congrats. Glad to see a fresh voice in the Korean blogging world (at least to me!).

  11. I'm a newcomer to your blog as well and just wanted to tell you that your video was a fun one to watch. I've always wanted a good reason to pick up and move to another country and so I'm fascinated by what you have to say. Keep 'em coming!

  12. I just found your blog and I LOVE IT!!!! I found you through Roboseyo.

    You're probably going to cringe when you realize that my first viewing of your blog was the "How to order food in Korean" post, but I have to tell you, it was very helpful to me.

    Now, I don't even live in Korea, but I have recently developed a 'thing' for all things Korean, including the language, so this video helped me a lot!

    I'll be stalking your blog from now on! I'm so excited to find you!!


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