I got a perm. See evidence below. Note facial expression. 

I know, you're thinking, "What perm?" And that's exactly what I thought, too. This picture was taken 15 minutes after walking out of the salon. So much for the Korean "Super Formula" perm for Western hair. (I don't believe this actually exists.)

Anywhoops, Le Scientific and Irrefutable Results:

My hair has 0.5% more body. 
My ponytail is 2% more interesting than the pre-perm pony.
My hair looks 7.5% less greasy when I wake up and go to work without washing it. 
I am 100% sure that all hair styling products are a crock.
I have 99.99% learned my lesson about expecting my hair to do anything besides naturally hang limp and refuse to be "styled." That nagging percentage keeping me from full surrender to the facts is that relentless little thing called hope: the hope that is innate in every human being, but especially active in women regarding their physical beings, which causes them to believe that things could be different from what they happen to be if they would just try a little harder, make a little more effort, or pay a little more for whatever the world is selling today. 
I feel 6% disappointed and 87% duped. 

Ah well. In about two weeks, I'm sure my hair will be back to normal and it'll be like it never happened. 

What do you guys think? 
(Two Left Feet: Does this satisfy your request for a picture of the "out hair" you made about 5 years ago?)
(Mom: I don't need any eyebrow comments. I know they're ghastly. I can only handle one beauty-related issue at a time.)


  1. I know what you mean about the hope that the next beauty whatever will work. I'm always a sucker for the next cure-all for undereye circles. I have 500 bottles of "no more dark circles" and nothing to show for them.

    I think the hair looks good, BTW.

  2. Your post brought me back to elementary school when my mom would give me perms in our kitchen. Scary.

  3. Yay for out hair! Boo for being duped.

  4. I haven't see your hair much pre-perm, but it looks glamorous post-treatment. I always thought perms were more...curlycurly, but yours looks very soft and movie star.

  5. Well, from where I'm standing (er, sitting) your hair looks glorious and shiny and perfect. Seriously. :) And better to have it less-curly than you expected, as opposed to coming out like a poodle and bawling your eyes out. Am I right?

    Have you ever colored or highlighted your hair? I know that sometimes that helps add body and also helps hold styles better. I know when I need to get fresh highlights once my hair is flat beyond all reason and I start to hate my life. (Dramatic much? Heck, yes.)

  6. Thanks for all the comments on my "glorious" hair. It's pretty much almost all out except for the ends are still crinkly. But I'm enjoying a little bit more body and it's not entirely flat. But you know, I'm all about the au naturale look, so I shall return to it and not err again! No, I have learned my lesson! But you ladies are freaking awesome!


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