Half Way

Today, I have been in Korea for 6 months. So, I give you 6 things that the ChubbO has learned:

1. ChubbO can climb mountains. Or, rather, she can be bribed into climbing mountains for periodic rewards of delicious chocolate chip cookies from her boyfriend, who is always pushing her to go a little farther before giving in and handing over the goods. Cookies make your legs feel stronger, they make your shoulders feel less strained from your backpack, and they also heal the big bump on your head from that low tree limb you didn't see because you didn't have enough energy to raise your head and look at anything but your feet. Anyway, hiking has been a really new experience for me and it is teaching me to challenge myself, to push myself a little harder, even if it is all for a cookie! It's also fabulous practice, i.e. Honeymoon Training, for our time scheduled in Nepal, in the Himalayas, on the Annapurna circuit. 

2. I have learned that there will always be those people who stand in the door of the metro, blocking the people attempting to exit and enter the train. These people will always choose to stand there, no matter how inconvenient it is for other people, no matter how illogical, inconsiderate, and unforgivable it may be. I am glad that I have learned I am powerless, helpless, utterly incapable of action when it comes to Door Blocking. The Rage has cooled a bit and I'm now directing it towards more profitable areas, like those around my midsection and my inner thighs, which I can actually do something about! 

3. I have learned that in order to be a part of a community, you must seek it out, you must give something, and you must work for it. Community doesn't just happen. Fellowship isn't a given. It must be cultivated and cared for. Caring for others and having compassion for the people in my life must be practiced. It doesn't stem from some deep well of goodness in one's heart. It must become a discipline. I am learning this mostly from Keun Ha. He is teaching me so much about what it means to be kind, humble, and to serve others. 

4. No matter how hard I try, I cannot kick the coffee habit. I have tried to stop drinking it altogether; I have tried to only drink iced Americano; I have tried to only reward myself with coffee for making it to Friday. NOTHING WORKS. Dearest readers, what can I do? I know if I could cut those extra calories I would be ChubbO NoMo in like a few sweet seconds. For reals. Help a chubster out!

5. I cannot live without buying books. This is a sad revelation. I thought I could do a year without buying books last year in grad school in England. Negative. I ended up shipping home over 100 books. I thought I would try again this year. Luckily I only have.... 23 so far! That's pretty good. So, if I keep up this pace, I'll at least cut my consumption in half from last year. So perhaps this should be something I continue to work on, each year cutting down my book buying. 

6. I love blogging. I really do. Even though I'm not as consistent as some of you daily bloggers, I seriously enjoy writing here. I have found a few new friends and have been able to keep in touch with old ones. I have been able to think out loud, to whine, to Rage, to rant, to swoon, and to be generally all over the place. And I love it. 


  1. well Im glad number 4 wasnt only due to my bad influence!!

  2. happy 6 months!

    as for the coffee dilemma... i quit cold turkey, so i don't have any real advice.

    but i do know that coffee is not that bad for you and limiting yourself to one a day won't hurt your daily nutrition. in fact, it could help it! coffee helps fight off some cancers, cirrhosis and other health problems.

    it's what you put IN the coffee that you need to watch. try substituting sugar with splenda and cream with low-fat milk.

  3. I joke that nature is superfluous; that's why I have webshots. But seriously, congratulations on the hiking thing. Your honeymoon will be spectacular!

  4. I'm going with what two left feet said, there is nothing wrong with coffee. I think life would be invariably poorer without it. But, I find I gulp down coffee which is too sugary and enjoy it less. If you have an espresso with just a touch of sugar, or better yet a macchiato if you like a bit of milk, again with a touch of sugar, the calories will be negligible.


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