What the Crap Wednesday

Today one of my colleagues was royally screwed over by my employers in a manner that surprised and disgusted me. She left the school today paid almost none of what she was owed and treated as if she had not done a fabulous job of teaching children less than 3 how to speak English for a year. What the crap?

Oh, the bus drivers. There are plenty of posts here in the Korea weblog community about buses, taxis, and the metro, and many of them have been posted here. The bus system was deprivatized a a while ago, so the drivers are no longer paid hourly, or by how many routes they complete, but are on a salary. So, WHAT'S THE HURRY? Why must you slam the door shut and have to open it THREE times again because people were still trying to exit the bus? Why must you slam your foot on the gas before the door has closed and that old woman is up the steps? And why must you drive as if your purpose is to either kill me or at least get me to throw up? What. The. Crap? 

Notice to ALL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD who commute anywhere on any kind of public transport: If you are going to play that stupid game on your phone, please turn off the damn sound. I do not want to hear the beeping or blipping or doopdedoop every time you roundhouse kick a ninja, get three jewels in a row, or shoot the invading enemy. And if you're listening to music on your mp3, keep it to a reasonable level. If I wanted to listen to your music, I would have asked to borrow your left ear phone and started bobbing my head to your ridiculous beat. This is a common courtesy that overrides all cultural crap. I don't care who you are or what country you're from or how much kimchi you eat everyday- there is no excuse. And ajummas, I'm seriously disappointed in you. You should take some action against these disrespectful punks. I expect you, of all people, to have the guts to lecture them with that incredibly long finger and that shrill, blood-out-your-ears inducing screech you've got on your side. Why are ajummas everywhere not taking up their large handbags and whacking these people? What the crap?

On another note altogether, I totally lost 10 pounds.

And to temper the "what the crapness" of this post, or to completely shame me for even posting all these complaints is this nugget of gold from my new favorite writer
"It is really easy to be a victim, you know? It is really easy to complain. About your job, your boss, your lame friends, your weight/body, the way the church is going, your lack of money, the way things don't turn out the way they should. Sometime stop and listen to how much of conversation is dedicated to complaining. About George W. Bush, the weather, the in-laws, work. So many things. But all of that is a way of trying to avoid responsibility for one's own life, and it is definitely a way of avoiding joy. We are so much more powerful than we think we are, and there is so much more goodness in each of our lives than we are acknowledging. And if there isn't the goodness in our life that we want, the point is: we can choose differently. No, we don't have every choice in the world available to us. But we have a lot more choice than we are usually willing to admit."

Dang. I am going to choose differently this week. I am going to run right into the open arms of joy. Wanna come? 

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  1. "Notice to ALL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD who commute anywhere on any kind of public transport: If you are going to play that stupid game on your phone, please turn off the damn sound."

    As a fellow connoisseur of public transportation in Korea, I can only say "amen" to this.

    I imagine you've also noticed by now that dirty looks aren't nearly as effective in Korea as they are elsewhere when it comes to changing irksome behavior. Of course, the personality of a person who irritates others with their beeping cell phone and loud music is such they'd naturally be oblivious to the exasperation of others.


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