The Dream

I had a dream two nights ago about a donut. I'm not kidding. I wish I was. It was a beautiful bavarian cream filled donut with chocolate icing (the thick gooey kind that always gives me away, clinging to the corners of my mouth and my chin and upper lip like a big bright neon sign that screams "I JUST ATE SOME CHOCOLATE!") with sprinkles. Yeah, I don't usually get the ones with the sprinkles, but I'm apparently extravagant when it comes to dreaming. And do you know what? I had taken such good care of my precious donut, but had to step away for a moment and when I returned someone had taken my donut. RAGE ENSUED! I remember specifically in my dream this guy (Sexy David from Downstairs, Exeter era) telling me that he was going to leave and go somewhere else if I didn't stop yelling. For goodness sake it was just a donut. And this other guy (flashback from college, Tyson Hays anyone?) had the audacity to offer me lesser, other donuts to try to appease my anger and hurt. I was insulted at his insistence that a donut was a donut, because ladies and gents, this was no ordinary donut I had been saving for the perfect moment. It was the perfect donut. And someone took it. I was bereft.

Then I woke up. How much more Chubbo can you get, I ask you? Even in my sleep, I'm thinking about donuts. Ridiculous.

P.S. I have not forgotten that I promised to tell you about my hospital stay. It is in the works. Also forthcoming: a post on the traditional Korean wedding Keun Ha and I recently attended. And more Contemplation. (Yeah, sometimes I forget I actually quietly contemplate. I'm so often filled with the burning fires of rage. But I do think. And so, Contemplation #2 is on its way.)

P.P.S. I love comments. I love comments more than I love donuts, if you can believe it. If I have a dream about the euphoric state that comments put me in, will you leave more comments?? Oh, I know you're out there. I have a few tracking devices on you- I'm all FBI-violate-your-privacy-in-the-name-of-comment-seeking. You can't hide; but you can comment!


  1. Who's Sexy David From Downstairs? You must mean Gangly David Who Makes Fun of My Bottled Water (GDWMFOMBW) Not the best acronym.

  2. The logical conclusion of all this dreaming and donuts is that you will inevitably dream of copulating with pastry one day.

    Those are my three comments. Enjoy. I know feel like insulting one of your friends who(m) I don't know, apropos of nothing.

    I was going to insult either Kerri or Melanie. Which one is your "wifey".I think that was Kerri. I'm not sure if I'm spelling her name right. Oh, but you went with Melanie to Sonic after church, right?

    OK: Melanie sucks.

  3. Fine. I'm here, but you already knew that because you're totally spy tracking me right?

    You know what I like? Cake donuts. I know, I know, mucho boringo compared to your dream donut, but I like the simple cakiness of it all. Especially with a cold glass of milk. Soooo yummy. Darn it! Now I want a donut too!

  4. P.S. Kerri also sucks (if that is indeed her real name).


Leave me a sweet comment and then go have a donut. It's the most fulfilling duo. Do it, you'll see!

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