Oh, hello Sunday Afternoon Rage

TINY KOREAN GIRL: Oh yes, I'm on a diet. I gained (negligible amount of) kilos in winter. I'm not eating dinner.
OTHER TINY KOREAN GIRL: Oh, how can you?
CHUBBO: Are you kidding me?
TINY KOREAN GIRL (not hearing the edge of rage peeking over my question): No. I don't fit into my clothes anymore. (Aside: Tiny Korean Girl is wearing less than US size 0. Every Sunday she has on really cute doll-size clothes. And they fit.)
OTHER TINY KOREAN GIRL: You're so small though.
TINY KOREAN GIRL: Oh, that's not what my friends say!
CHUBBO: Who are your friends? They suck!
TINY KOREAN GIRL: (insert extremely confused expression with cartoon eyebrows above her head here)
CHUBBO: So, what do you think of me, then?
TINY KOREAN GIRL: Oh, do not be angry. It's okay. You're not Korean.

Conclusion: Korean girls must be thin because they are Korean. They must measure the tops of their thighs and arms in middle school and cry because they have the biggest ones. However, Westerners must be fat because they are Westerners. Dang. I wish I could be thin just to spite them.


  1. I just got back from China and I pretty much felt like a giant even though I was probably even shorter than most of the populace. I think what really drove it home was a group of us riding on an elevator that claimed to be able to hold 15 people, but refused to move when we had a total of 10 Americans in it. 10 Americans apparently equal 20 Chinese.


  2. well... what do you expect when all we eat is pizza? 3 meals a day... maybe with some pizza/ bread snacks inbetween!

  3. When I went to NY....the only chubby person I saw all week was myself in the reflection of the mirrored buildings. Whatever...who cares?


  4. See this is why no brothas could live in Korea for too long. If the average girl is a size 0, then there's no booty to check out and no thick thighs to admire. We're both complaining but for two completely different reasons.

  5. Americans do have a problem with weight... but so do Koreans if they are really that skinny! Why can't society be happy with a mediocre, in-between, normal, healthy weight?

  6. Ehheh kgirls tend to be 'thin' (and curveless). And short. And fat tends to show up a lot faster on shorter people. Coincidentally, Koreans put a premium on being slim rather than being curvy. Because uh....being a curvy and Korean is a lot more attainable than being willowy and thin.

    It's all just different standards. Transplant the thin Korean girl in America and she probably wouldn't be considered sexy since she doesn't have any "womanly curves" to speak of. I'd say, if you're healthy, you're ok. Besides, you're not here to please every random person you see.

  7. I completely understand. I am 5'8 and weigh 128 pounds. I never dieted and always had a good body image. After living in Seoul for a little while, I went on the first diet of my life. hahaha It lasted only 2 weeks. I love food too much. :)

    Seriously though, I received many comments on how my thighs and butt were too big. :o I am thin dammit! Or at least I was in the US...

  8. That happened to me too. I love it when I go shopping with Korean women and when I want to try something on, they always tell the shop owner 'get her a large or extra large' when I know perfectly well I can fit into medium. (Except for jeans, because jeans here are ridiculous and only meant for shorties who never ate their whole life.) even if the jeans fit, the style somehow makes my thighs look enormous, lol.


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