The Comeback

Hello dear friends and random readers! Greetings from South Korea, the land of my true love and kimchi. (Kimchi the food, not my cat, who also has the same name.)
I finally feel settled enough to resume writing. Actually, I feel that I shall soon either a) implode or b) shrivel up and die if I do not begin to write again. You may notice that the title of this blog has undergone a few revisions. So welcome to the new me- the Danielle that commutes to work on the Seoul Metro every weekday and experiences great personal space violations and inordinate amounts of sweat in every corner and curve of her fried chicken and sweet tea-inspired physique. I want to share with you the daily rages and sometimes hilarious situations I find myself in because, well, just because. And you kind of want to know, right? However, I won't be limiting myself simply to stories of my underground travels, but writing about bigger, more important things. Like the frustrations of trying to keep my floor clean. Or finding very polite ways to refuse Keun Ha's mother's generous offer of a magnetic hula hoop that will magically shrink my belly fat into nothing (besides the fact that I refuse to take that thing onto the bus). Or how it feels to finally be reunited with my fabulous Korean boyfriend who works 2 hours away from home and who I hardly ever get to see. See? Important things. Significant. Universally profound, yes?

I have things to tell you. I'm actually bursting with things to relate to your greedy and lately neglected eyes. Yes, bursting. My father says there is only one bust and there are two of those. So, bursting instead of busting. But, you will have to wait. Because it is past 11 on Sunday night. So although your day is only beginning, mine has come to an end. And I have to get up early and go teach a bunch of spoiled, adorable, frustrating, loving, Korean children. More later.

Anyway, I'm back. Did you miss me?


  1. I am a first time reader...and I enjoyed it! I look forward to hearing more of your adventures!


  2. I see you've gone for "Rage in the AM" in the end. Good choice. Watch out for thrown hand bags on line number 2. If you and the bag reach the seat at the same time and at the right velocity, I've heard fatalities sometimes ensue.

    Later, Ben

  3. Adam and I had the bust vs. burst argument just the other day, and I take your father's side. (A bust can also be a statue though, which I feel your father neglected.) Our argument then proceeded to drug vs. dragged...

    Anyhow, I am glad you are back and writing, and I guess I'll have to sign up for an account and start checking it regularly. =)

  4. Ya know, I was listening to the radio the other day, and this guy was on there talking about how he hates the blogosphere b/c anyone can get on and say anything. But he conveniently forget that in a free market place of ideas, the good ideas usually sucker punch and take the lunch money of the bad ideas. Similarly, the good blogs (like yours) will eventually win out over the poorly presented, poorly written, poorly argued ones that grace our computer screens (Is "grace" the right work?).


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