Unemployed while Employed

I still don't have a job for tomorrow. And although I have gone to bed before with no job and woken at 5am to the ring of the cellphone letting me know another teacher is sick, tired, or heading to a conference, or homicidal and so must stay away from all persons under the age of 18, I'm not feeling hopeful. I thought it would be hard to get something the first day back. Nope. Easy peasy, as Kenny would say. But now, it seems that all the teachers in Rutherford County have recovered from their sickness and had enough of a holiday. I did not have a job today. I went to bed without a job. I woke up at 7:30 this morning thinking that it was really weird NO ONE needed a substitute. My phone finally rang at 7:38 and they wanted me to be there at 7:45, which even if I had skipped getting dressed, looking in the mirror, brushing my teeth or doing ANYTHING except standing up and walking to my car, would have been a physical impossibility.
So, my plan tomorrow is to get up at 6 am (EEWWW, but it has to be done) and go ahead and get ready for my day so that no matter what time they call, I should be able to be there on time. Unless it's ridiculously out of my way. In which case, I will accept the job and then simply call the school to let them know what time I shall be there. This is not what I need. I need the MONEY HONEY! I am missing an entire week and 2 days in order to fly to Korea to see my true love and I am now paying my grandfather monthly for all the money he loaned me in order to make my Exeter degree possible. So, now is not the time to perk up, gear up, or even wake up! It is the time to take that personal day. For you, my friend, deserve it. It is time to take that sick day and head to the beach on a Friday with your girlfriends because your head hurts when you think about 30 screaming 2nd graders with kool-aid moustaches and crumpled papers in their backpacks. Tired teachers unite and give the subs a job!

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  1. Can we head to the beach on Friday? I know this doesn't help your bank account, but really... Lord knows I could use a beach getaway. Maybe we could pretend to have one inside or something. Lay around reading and talking about celebrity gossip and showering only when it's time to go out to eat dinner.


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