2008- The Year of Korea

So, with less than 44 minutes until the New Year, I figured I would go ahead and tell you that 2008 will have to be absolutely mind blowing in order to top 2007. But it's already well on its way. For today, I confirmed my travel plans to the fabulous destination of South Korea on January 31st. I'm only staying until the 10th of February, but it will be a wonderful break and I can't wait to see Kenny again. It will be nice to see him and to get a look around Seoul before I make the big move in April after Holly's wedding. The last time I saw him was on August 28th, 2007 at Heathrow in London. So, like I said, 2008 is already looking up.

However, it still has to beat 2007 and that is a large task. 2007 was the year of the Masters degree, the year of living with Tariq, the year of having Fiona for my best girlfriend in Exeter, the year of The Gang and our day trips, the year of the Scotland excursion, the year of writing a dissertation, the year of eating new things, the year Kerri and Buck had Lily, the year Holly and Matt got engaged,and the year of coming home and falling in love with the South all over again. In retrospect, this year has been one of the fullest and most blessed of my life. I celebrated another birthday, a one year anniversary with the man I love, and a Christmas at home instead of in the Middle East. (See? 2007 had a tough record to break too. In 2006 I moved to England, met my boyfriend, and spent the holidays in Israel and with friends from all over the world.) So, farewell lovely 2007, farewell. You were so good to me. I am looking over my shoulder with surprise and wonder at all that I was able to experience and all the people I met and loved and who made my life richer. Now, I'm looking forward to whatever the next 365 rotations of the earth have in store for me.

So, bring it on 2008. I'm ready!
As for New Year's Resolutions, I have only one:
Get to Korea. And so far, it looks like I'll make it.


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